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CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry Regulation 2017 Anna University

CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry 

CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry Regulation 2017 Anna University pdf free download. Engineering Chemistry Important questions CY8151  reg 2017 free pdf download.

Sample CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry

PART-A CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry

1) Why is hardness expressed in terms of calcium carbonate equivalent?

2) What is meant by calgon conditioning?

3) What is an adsorption isotherm?

4) What is acid- base catalysis? Give one example.

5) Compare melting point, eutectic point and triple point

6) Define reduced or condensed phase rule.

7) What is octane number and cetane number? Give an example

8) Define calorific value of a fuel. Give Dulong’s formula?

9) What is primary and secondary battery? Give an example

10) What are super capacitors? Mention some important applications of super capacitors

PART-B CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry

UNIT-I WATER TECHNOLOGY CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry

1) Define the term desalination? Explain the desalination by reverse osmosis with a neat diagram.

2) Explain demineralization process of water softening. Explain the reaction involved

3) Describe the principle and procedure involved in the zeolite process for water treatment.

4) Describe briefly the various methods of internal conditioning of boiler.

5) Explain the determination of hardness by EDTA method.

UNIT-II SURFACE CHEMISTRY AND CATALYSIS CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry

1) Explain the Langmuir Adsorption Isotherm and interpret the results (i) at low pressure, (ii) at high pressure and (iii) normal pressure

2) Explain the Mechanism of Kinetics of acid-base catalysis

3) Explain the contact theory of catalysis

4) Summarize the factors influencing adsorption of gases on solids

UNIT-III PHASE RULE AND ALLOYS CY8151 Important questions Engineering Chemistry

1. Draw and explain the phase diagram of water system

2. Discuss in detail the Lead – Silver system

3. Explain the properties and uses of a. Nichrome and b. Stainless steels.

4. Write note on heat treatment of steel

5. State phase rule and explain the terms involved in it.

Padeepz E-Learning Materials CY8151 Engineering Chemistry

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Boiler Feed Water


The water fed into the boiler for the production of steam is called boiler feed water


It should be free from

  • Dissolved gases (O2,CO2,carbonic acid etc)
  • Suspended impurities, oil and turbidity
  • Dissolved salts, hardness causing substances and alkalinity
  • It should be zero hardness

If the water is untreated, it leads to some troubles in the boiler

  1. Formation of deposits in steam boilers and heat exchangers (scale and sludge)
  2. Priming and foaming ( carry over )
  3. Caustic embrittlement
  4. Boiler corrosion

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Subject name Engineering Chemistry
Subject Code CY8151
Semester 1
Regulation 2017 Regulation

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