UG syllabus R-2017

CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems

CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Database Management Systems Syllabus CS8492 pdf free download.

UNIT I RELATIONAL DATABASES 10 CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems

Purpose of Database System – Views of data – Data Models – Database System Architecture – Introduction to relational databases – Relational Model – Keys – Relational Algebra – SQL fundamentals – Advanced SQL features – Embedded SQL– Dynamic SQL

UNIT II DATABASE DESIGN 8 CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems

Entity-Relationship model – E-R Diagrams – Enhanced-ER Model – ER-to-Relational Mapping – Functional Dependencies – Non-loss Decomposition – First, Second, Third Normal Forms, Dependency Preservation – Boyce/Codd Normal Form – Multi-valued Dependencies and Fourth Normal Form – Join Dependencies and Fifth Normal Form

UNIT III TRANSACTIONS 9 CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems

Transaction Concepts – ACID Properties – Schedules – Serializability – Concurrency Control – Need for Concurrency – Locking Protocols – Two Phase Locking – Deadlock – Transaction Recovery – Save Points – Isolation Levels – SQL Facilities for Concurrency and Recovery.

UNIT IV IMPLEMENTATION TECHNIQUES 9 CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems

RAID – File Organization – Organization of Records in Files – Indexing and Hashing –Ordered Indices – B+ tree Index Files – B tree Index Files – Static Hashing – Dynamic Hashing – Query Processing Overview – Algorithms for SELECT and JOIN operations – Query optimization using Heuristics and Cost Estimation.

UNIT V ADVANCED TOPICS 9 CS8492 Syllabus Database Management Systems

Distributed Databases: Architecture, Data Storage, Transaction Processing – Object-based Databases: Object Database Concepts, Object-Relational features, ODMG Object Model, ODL, OQL – XML Databases: XML Hierarchical Model, DTD, XML Schema, XQuery – Information Retrieval: IR Concepts, Retrieval Models, Queries in IR systems.


Subject name Database Management Systems
Short Name DMS
Semester 4
Subject Code CS8492
Regulation 2017 regulation

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