Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2017

Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2017

Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2017. We have Created the GPA Calculator for Each Semesters Separately in Regulation 2017.

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Formula Used In CGPA Calculation:

The Formula used to calculate CGPA is

CGPA-Calculator Regulation 2017-Formula


n is number of all courses successfully cleared during the particular semester in the case of GPA

GPi is the point corresponding to the grade obtained for each course

Ci is the number of Credits assigned to the course

Grade System Followed for Regulation 2017:

Anna University has revised their Grade System which they follow previously and the upgraded grade system is provided for regulation 2017 .

Grade Grade Points Mark Range
O 10 91-100
A+ 9 81-90
A 8 71-80
B+ 7 61-70
B 6 50-60
RA 0 <50
SA 0  –
W 0  –

Semester 1 Regulation 2017 GPA Calculator:


HS8151 – Communicative English – credit 4

MA8151 – Engineering Mathematics – I – credit4

PH8151 – Engineering Physics – credit 3

CY8151 – Engineering Chemistry – credit 3

GE8151 – Problem Solving and Python Programming – credit 3

GE8152 – Engineering Graphics – credit 4

GE8161 – Problem Solving and Python Programming Laboratory – credit 2

BS8161 – Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – credit 2



HS8251 – TECHNICAL ENGLISH – credit 4

MA8251 – Engineering Mathematics – II – credit 4

PH8201 – Physics For Civil Engineering – credit 3

BE8251 – Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering – credit 3

GE8291 – Environmental Science and Engineering – credit 3

GE8292 – Engineering Mechanics – credit 4

GE8261 – Engineering Practices Laboratory – credit 2

CE8211 – Computer Aided Building Drawing – credit 2




Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2017:

First Calculate the GPA of Each Semester after which you can Calculate the cgpa of semester in below calculator


Important Note :

To get distinction Students must get atleast  8.5 CGPA With out any history of arrears in all their semesters.

If you find any errors in Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2017 please comment us below.

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48 Replies to “Anna University CGPA Calculator Regulation 2017

  1. My CGPA in 1st semester is 7.04 and 7.625 in 2nd semester.. Both semesters cleared with no arrears.. Now I’m stepping on to 3rd semester… Is there any possibility for me to get distinction??

    1. Yes you can get distinction
      (Condition to get distinctions are at the end of 8th Semester the average CGPA should be 7.5 with No history of arrears)

    2. if a person has arrear in 3rd sem in a single subject if get cleared after applying revaluation then its possible to get distinction

  2. I have a cgpa 7.47 in first semester with 2 arrears & cgpa 7 in second semester with no arrear. If I will get 7.5 cgpa in every semester up to 8 th semester.I will pass in first class.if i cleared all the arrears .

  3. I have scored 9.44 cgpa in sem 1 and 8.96 in sem 2. What is the probability that i would be certified as a rank holder?
    Tell me the rules to recieve the gold medal.

  4. My CGPA in 1St Semester Is 6.76 and 2nd Semester Is 6.6.Both Semester Cleared With No Arrears. How Much Can I Score In All Coming Semester To Get First Class And Distinction?

  5. Sir Anna university marksheet format for my result in 3sem with CGPA and GPA
    What I can do ? Any link send me sir

  6. Bro I’am Lateral Entry Student … i have 5 Arrears in 3rd Semester and now i’am going to attend it in 4th semester then what will be the internal mark for my 3rd Semester papers ?

  7. I had a arrear in 3rd sem and cleared it in 4th sem by ur calculation I am getting a cgp of 7.72 but in annauniv portal it states that cgp of 3rd sem is 6.i can’t understand this?

  8. I get 7.32 GPA in 1st sem and 6.88 GPA in 2nd sem without no history of arrear,can any possibility to get distinction.

  9. I got 8.25 in 1st sem, 8.3 in 2nd sem, 7.64 in 3rd sem and 7.21 in 4th sem. How much gpa should I score in upcoming semesters to get first class with distinction sir? Please reply and help me sir.

  10. I got 8.2 in 1st sem, 8.3 in 2nd sem, 7.64 in 3rd sem and 7.21 in 4th sem. How much gpa should I score in upcoming semesters to get first class with distinction. Please reply and help me sir

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