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Mussolini Benito(1883 -1945) Saizuro of Power Fascist Party

Mussolini Benito (1883 -1945)

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Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was born on July 29,1883 at Romagna in East-Central Italy. His father was a blacksmith and  mother was  a elementary schoolteacher.

Mussolini graduated in 1902 and became a schoolteacher. He gave up that post and came to Switzerland.

He came into contact with Lenin and learned his ideology. He became an editor of Italian socialist paper in Austria.

He was expelled from Austria and returned to Italy. He edited a socialist paper called Avanti, the official voice of Italian Socialism.

During the first World War, he gave up his policy and joined the military.After the war he

gathered round him a band of young enthusiasts who came to be known as Fascists. With the help of the fascists, he organised the National Fascist Party in November 1921.

Saizuro of Power by the Fascists

On October 30, 1922,the Fascists organized a march to Rome and showed their strength. The government surrendered.

The emperor Victor Emanuel  II  invited Mussolini to form the Government. Thus the Fascist revolution became a spectacular success as the Fascists seized power without blood shed.

But the after math of revolution was marked by suppression, murder and exile. Fascist dictatorship under Mussolini came into existence.

He remained power from 1922 to 1945.

Fascist Party

The followers of Mussolini were called Black Shirts. He was called by his  followers  as  uouce”. His  secret police was known as OVRA (Voluntary Ogranisation for the Repression of anti-Fascists)

Alms of Fascism

‘Exaltation of the State Protection of Private property and Spirited Foreign Policy’

Motto of Fascism

‘Everything within the state Nothing against the state Nothing outside the state’

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