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ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus

ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Heat and Mass Transfer ME6502 Syllabus pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus:

To understand the mechanisms of heat transfer under steady and transient conditions.

To understand the concepts of heat transfer through extended surfaces.

To learn the thermal analysis and sizing of heat exchangers and to understand the basic concepts of mass transfer.

(Use of standard HMT data book permitted)

UNIT I CONDUCTION ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus

General Differential equation of Heat Conduction– Cartesian and Polar Coordinates – One Dimensional Steady State Heat Conduction –– plane and Composite Systems – Conduction with Internal Heat Generation – Extended Surfaces – Unsteady Heat Conduction – Lumped Analysis – Semi Infinite and Infinite Solids –Use of Heisler’s charts.

UNIT II CONVECTION ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus

Free and Forced Convection – Hydrodynamic and Thermal Boundary Layer. Free and Forced Convection during external flow over Plates and Cylinders and Internal flow through tubes .


Nusselt’s theory of condensation – Regimes of Pool boiling and Flow boiling. Correlations in boiling and condensation. Heat Exchanger Types – Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient – Fouling Factors – Analysis – LMTD method – NTU method.

UNIT IV RADIATION Heat and Mass Transfer ME6502 Syllabus

Black Body Radiation – Grey body radiation – Shape Factor – Electrical Analogy – Radiation Shields. Radiation through gases.

UNIT V MASS TRANSFER ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus

Basic Concepts – Diffusion Mass Transfer – Fick’s Law of Diffusion – Steady state Molecular Diffusion – Convective Mass Transfer – Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy –Convective Mass Transfer Correlations.

Subject Name Heat and Mass Transfer
Subject code ME6502
Regulation 2013

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