ME6404 Notes THERMAL ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University
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ME6404 Notes THERMAL ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University


ME6404 Notes THERMAL ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University.


To integrate the concepts, laws and methodologies from the first course in thermodynamics into analysis of cyclic processes

To apply the thermodynamic concepts into various thermal application like IC engines, Steam Turbines, Compressors and Refrigeration and Air conditioning systems

(Use of standard refrigerant property data book, Steam Tables, Mollier diagram and Psychrometric chart permitted)

OUTCOMES Thermal Engineering Notes :

Upon completion of this course, the students can able to apply the different gas power cycles and use of them in IC and R&AC applications.

TEXT BOOKS ME6404 Notes:

1. Rajput. R. K., “Thermal Engineering” S.Chand Publishers, 2000

2. Kothandaraman.C.P., Domkundwar. S,Domkundwar. A.V., “A course in thermal Engineering”, Fifth Edition, ”Dhanpat Rai & sons , 2002

REFERENCES Thermal Engineering Notes:

1. Sarkar, B.K,”Thermal Engineering” Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2007

2. Arora.C.P, ”Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ,” Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers 1994

3. Ganesan V..” Internal Combustion Engines” , Third Edition, Tata Mcgraw-Hill 2007

4. Rudramoorthy, R, “Thermal Engineering “,Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi,2003

5. Ramalingam. K.K., “Thermal Engineering”, SCITECH Publications (India) Pvt. Ltd., 2009.

Subject code ME6404
Regulation 2013

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