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IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology Regulation 2017 Anna University

IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology

IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Web Technology Question Bank IT8501 pdf free download.

Sample IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology:

(i) Discuss about JavaScript debugging. (7)
(ii) Explain in detail CSS border and CSS outline. (6)

(i) Explain any eight CSS text properties. (7)
(ii) Discuss JavaScript Array object in detail. (6) IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology

(i) List and explain in detail various selector strings. (7)
(ii) Explain the features of cascading style sheets. (6)

(i) Write a CSS which adds background images and indentation. (7)
(ii) Explain external style sheet with an example. (6) IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology

(i) Explain in detail the CSS Box model in detail. (7)
(ii) List and explain the various positioning schemes in detail. (6)

List and describe the CSS Border Style Properties in detail with illustration. (13) IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology

Apply CSS to a web page with the following requirements
(i) Paint the background gray (2)
(ii) Paint the sidebar yellow (2)
(iii)Set the artist h1 to be only uppercase (2)
(iv) Set the title h2 to be uppercase-first letter (2)
(v) Set a line spacing between the lines (2)
(vi) Set letter spacing between the letters in each span of type instruction (3) IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology

(i) State and explain the types of statements in JavaScript. (6)
(ii) Explain how functions can be written in JavaScript with an example. (7)

Summarize about debugging in JavaScript. (13)

What are the various JavaScript objects? Explain each with an example. (13) IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology

Show in detail about JavaScript variables and operators. (13)

Write the registration form for the creation of email account with all possible validations using JavaScript. (13)

(i) Explain the JavaScript array handling and array methods. (7)
(ii) Explain the following JavaScript objects. (6)
a. RegExp
b. Math IT8501 Question Bank Web Technology

(i) Write JavaScript to find sum of first ‘n’ even numbers and display the result. Get the value of ‘n’ from user. (7)
(ii) Write JavaScript to find factorial of a given number. (6)

Subject name Web Technology
Short Name WT
Semester 5
Subject Code IT8501
Regulation 2017 regulation

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