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ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions CE6503

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions CE6503 REGULATION 2013 ANNA UNIVERSITY free download. CE6503 Important questions free pdf download.

Sample ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions CE6503 :

Unit I ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions

1. Describe the factors to be considered in fixing the design period for water supply components

2. Describe the different sources of water and their characteristics with respect to Turbidity, Hardness, Chloride and Microbiology

3. Explain the different methods used for prediction of future population of a city, with reference to the design of a
water supply system

4. Present and past populations 20 years and 40 years back for a town are 292000, 172000 and 30000 respectively. Assess the population expected after 40 years using logistic curve method.

5. Write the following: (a) Role of environmental engineers in water supply projects. (b) Sustainable development.

6. Problem based on predicting population using (i) Arithmetical increase method (ii) Geometrical increase method
(iii) Incremental increase method

Unit II ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions CE6503 

1. What are the different types of pipe materials used in the water transmission?

2. What are the basic requirements of a pipe joint? Describe the various pipe joints with neat sketches.

3. Explain the different types of pumps used in water supplier with a neat sketch.

4. Explain the factors that influence the decision on the type of joints.

5. What are pipe appurtenances? Explain in brief with neat diagram.

Unit III ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions CE6503 

1. What is disinfection? What are the factors affecting disinfection? Explain the chlorination process.

2. What is sedimentation tank? What are the different types of sedimentation tanks?

3. Illustrate the various unit operations and unit processes involved in water treatment.

4. Explain the sedimentation by coagulation process using alum and state the merits and demerits of using alum.

5. Draw and label the parts of the rectangular sedimentation tank (Longitudinal section) indicating the various

6. The following data are corresponding to a clariflocculator, identify the volume of the flocculation and its diameter. Detention time = 30 min, Depth = 3 m, Outer diameter of the inlet shaft = 0.9m, Water to be treated = 10 ML/d.

Unit IV ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions CE6503 

1. Describe the various methods of removing excess iron and manganese from groundwater.

2. What are aerators? List out the different types of aerators with neat sketches.

3. Describe the types of hardness present in water

4. Discuss about the Ion exchange method of water softening with a sketch.

5. Explain the techniques involved in defluoridation.

Unit V ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1 Important questions CE6503 

1. What are the functions of service reservoir? Briefly outline the design aspects of service reservoir.

2. Explain the “one” and “two” pipe system of plumbing and state the conditions under which they are adopted.

3. Summarize few lines about leak detection and explain its methods. How to maintain the drinking water pipe line system.

4. Explain the different plumbing systems with neat sketches. Also compare them for their cost, efficiency, easiness, etc.

5. What is the role of computer applications in the water distribution system and explain how to maintain the drinking water pipeline system


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