EE6602 Question Bank Embedded Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University
question bank

EE6602 Question Bank Embedded Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6602 Question Bank Embedded Systems

EE6602 Question Bank Embedded Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Embedded Systems Question Bank pdf free download.

Sample EE6602 Question Bank:

1. What is the need for IDE in an Embedded Architecture? Discuss.

2. Explain the various forms of memory and the functions assigned to them.

3. Explain the software embedded systems

4. Explain the components of exemplary embedded systems

5. Describe the architecture of a typical micro controller with a neat diagram.

6. Explain the basic processors and hardware units in the embedded system

7. Explain how software is embedded into a system

8. Explain the methods used in the embedded system on a chip

9. List the hard ware units that must be present in the embedded systems.

10. i) Explain the Exemplary applications of each type of embedded system.
ii) Explain the different program layers in the embedded software and also the process of
converting a “C” program into the file for ROM image with suitable block diagrams.

11. Explain the Embedded System on Chip (SoC) & in VLSI circuit.

12. i) Explain the various form of memories present in a system
ii) Explain the software tools in designing of an embedded system.

13. Describe the functions of a typical parallel I/O interface with a neat diagram

14. Explain high speed I/O interfacing in detail

15. Write short notes on
(i) Analog to digital converter
(ii) UART

16. Explain the functions of various buses used during transfer

17. Explain the synchronous and asynchronous communications from serial devices


Subject Name Embedded Systems
Subject Code EE6602
Regulation 2013

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