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CY8151 Notes Engineering Chemistry Regulation 2017 Anna University

CY8151 Notes Engineering Chemistry

CY8151 Notes Engineering Chemistry Regulation 2017 Anna University pdf free download. Engineering Chemistry Notes CY8151  reg 2017 free pdf download.

OBJECTIVES: CY8151 Notes Engineering Chemistry

 To make the students conversant with boiler feed water requirements, related problems and water treatment techniques.

 To develop an understanding of the basic concepts of phase rule and its applications to single and two component systems and appreciate the purpose and significance of alloys.

 Preparation, properties and applications of engineering materials.

 Types of fuels, calorific value calculations, manufacture of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.

 Principles and generation of energy in batteries, nuclear reactors, solar cells, wind mills and fuel cells.

OUTCOMES: CY8151 Notes Engineering Chemistry

 The knowledge gained on engineering materials, fuels, energy sources and water treatment techniques will facilitate better understanding of engineering processes and applications for further learning.

TEXT BOOKS: CY8151 Notes Engineering Chemistry

1. S. S. Dara and S. S. Umare, “A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry”, S. Chand & Company LTD, New Delhi, 2015

2. P. C. Jain and Monika Jain, “Engineering Chemistry” Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company (P) LTD, New Delhi, 2015

3. S. Vairam, P. Kalyani and Suba Ramesh, “Engineering Chemistry”, Wiley India PVT, LTD, New Delhi, 2013.

REFERENCES: CY8151 Notes Engineering Chemistry

1. Friedrich Emich, “Engineering Chemistry”, Scientific International PVT, LTD, New Delhi, 2014.

2. Prasanta Rath, “Engineering Chemistry”, Cengage Learning India PVT, LTD, Delhi, 2015.

3. Shikha Agarwal, “Engineering Chemistry-Fundamentals and Applications”, Cambridge University Press, Delhi, 2015.

Padeepz E-Learning Materials CY8151 Engineering Chemistry

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Boiler Feed Water


The water fed into the boiler for the production of steam is called boiler feed water


It should be free from

  • Dissolved gases (O2,CO2,carbonic acid etc)
  • Suspended impurities, oil and turbidity
  • Dissolved salts, hardness causing substances and alkalinity
  • It should be zero hardness

If the water is untreated, it leads to some troubles in the boiler

  1. Formation of deposits in steam boilers and heat exchangers (scale and sludge)
  2. Priming and foaming ( carry over )
  3. Caustic embrittlement
  4. Boiler corrosion

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Subject name Engineering Chemistry
Subject Code CY8151
Semester 1
Regulation 2017 Regulation

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