UG syllabus R-2017

CS8491 Syllabus Computer Architecture Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8491 Syllabus Computer Architecture

CS8491 Syllabus Computer Architecture Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Computer Architecture Syllabus CS8491 pdf free download.

UNIT I BASIC STRUCTURE OF A COMPUTER SYSTEM 9 CS8491 Syllabus Computer Architecture

Functional Units – Basic Operational Concepts – Performance – Instructions: Language of the Computer – Operations, Operands – Instruction representation – Logical operations – decision making – MIPS Addressing.

UNIT II ARITHMETIC FOR COMPUTERS 9 CS8491 Syllabus Computer Architecture

Addition and Subtraction – Multiplication – Division – Floating Point Representation – Floating Point Operations – Subword Parallelism


A Basic MIPS implementation – Building a Datapath – Control Implementation Scheme – Pipelining – Pipelined datapath and control – Handling Data Hazards & Control Hazards – Exceptions.

UNIT IV PARALLELISIM 9 CS8491 Syllabus Computer Architecture Syllabus

Parallel processing challenges – Flynn‘s classification – SISD, MIMD, SIMD, SPMD, and Vector Architectures – Hardware multithreading – Multi-core processors and other Shared Memory Multiprocessors – Introduction to Graphics Processing Units, Clusters, Warehouse Scale Computers and other Message-Passing Multiprocessors.

UNIT V MEMORY & I/O SYSTEMS 9 CS8491 Computer Architecture Syllabus

Memory Hierarchy – memory technologies – cache memory – measuring and improving cache performance – virtual memory, TLB‘s – Accessing I/O Devices – Interrupts – Direct Memory Access – Bus structure – Bus operation – Arbitration – Interface circuits – USB.

Subject name Computer Architecture
Short Name CA
Semester 4
Subject Code CS8491
Regulation 2017 regulation

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