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CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture

CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Computer Architecture Question Paper CS8491 pdf free download.

Sample CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture:

1 Describe the main idea of ILP.

2 Illustrate the overall speedup if a webserver is to be enhanced with a new CPU which is 10 times faster on computation than an old CPU .The original CPU spent 40% of its time processing and 60% of its time waiting for I/O. BTL 3 Apply

3 List the three important properties of vector instructions.
BTL 1 Remember

4 Analyze the main characteristics of SMT processor.
BTL 4 Analyze

5 Quote the importance of loop unrolling technique.
BTL1 Remember

6 Define VLIW processor.
BTL1 Remember CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture

7 Express anti-dependence. How is it removed?
BTL 2 Understand

8 State the efficiency of superscalar processor.
BTL 1 Remember

9 Differentiate between strong scaling and weak scaling.
BTL 2 Understand CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture

10 Show the performance of cluster organization.
BTL 3 Apply

11 Compare SMT and hardware multithreading.
BTL 5 Evaluate

12 Define the Flynn classification.
BTL 1 Remember

13 Integrate the ideas of in-order execution and out-of-order execution. BTL 6 Create

14 Discriminate UMA and NUMA.
BTL 5 Evaluate CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture

15 Quote fine grained multithreading.
BTL 1 Remember

16 Express the need for instruction level parallelism.
BTL 2 Understand

17 Formulate the various approaches to hardware multithreading.
BTL 6 Create

18 Categorize the various multithreading options.
BTL 4 Analyze CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture

19 Differentiatefine grained multithreading and coarse grained multithreading. BTL 4 Analyze

20 Classify shared memory multiprocessor based on the memory access latency BTL 3 Apply


1 i).Define parallelism and its types.
ii).List the main characteristics of Instruction level parallelism.
(4) (9) BTL 1 Remember

2 i).Give the concept of parallel processing.
ii).Summarize the challenges faced by parallel processing.
(4) (9) BTL 2 Understand

3 Express in detail about hardware multithreading.
(13) BTL 2 Understand CS8491 Question Paper Computer Architecture

4 Solve: suppose you want to achieve a speed up to 90 times faster with 100 processors. What percentage of the original computation can be sequential? (13) BTL 3 Apply

5 List the software and hardware techniques to achieve Instruction

Subject name Computer Architecture
Short Name CA
Semester 4
Subject Code CS8491
Regulation 2017 regulation

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