CE6602 Important questions STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2
Important question

CE6602 Important questions STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2

CE6602 Important questions STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2 

CE6602 Important questions STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2 Important questions free download.

Sample CE6602 Important questions:

1. Whatis meantby indeterminatestructures?

Structures that do not satisfy the conditions of equilibrium are called indeterminate structure. These structures cannot be solved by ordinary analysis techniques.

2. What are the conditions of equilibrium?

The three conditions of equilibrium are the sum of horizontal forces, vertical forces and moments at any joint should be equal to zero.

3. Differentiate between determinate and indeterminate structures.
Determinatestructurescanbesolvingusingconditionsofequilibriumalone(ΣH=0;ΣV=0;ΣM=0). No other conditions are required.
Indeterminatestructurescannotbesolvedusingconditionsofequilibriumbecause(ΣH≠0;ΣV≠0;ΣM≠0).Additional conditions are required for solving such structures. Usuallymatrixmethods areadopted.

4. Define degree of indeterminacy

(i). The excess number of reaction is that make a structure indeterminate is called degree of
indeterminacy,and is denoted by(i).Indeterminacy is also called degree of redundancy. Indeterminacy consists of internal and external in determinacies.
i =II+EIwhereII=internal indeterminacyand EI=external indeterminacy.

5. Define internal and external indeterminacies.
Internal indeterminacy (II) is the excess no of internal forces present in a member that make a structure in determinate.
External in determinacy (EI) is excess no of external reactions in the member that make the structure in determinate.
i =II+EI;
EI=r– e;wherer=no ofsupport reactions and e=equilibrium
conditions II=i –EI
e=3 (planeframes) ande=6 (spaceframes)

6. Write the formulae for degree of indeterminacy for:
(a)Two dimensional pin jointed truss(2D Truss)
i =(m+r)– 2j wherem=no ofmembers
r=no ofreactions j
=no ofjoints
(b)Two dimensional rigid frames/plane rigid frames (2DFrames)
i =(3m+r)– 3j wherem=no ofmembers
r=no of reactions j =no of joints


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