revaluation methods in anna university

Anna University Revaluation procedure

Anna University Revaluation Process

Students have many Doubts regarding the process to apply for Revaluation in Anna University.

We have provided the step by step process involved in applying for revaluation.

So what is revaluation?

The revaluation is a process for students to re-check or to re-correct the answer sheet.

In Anna University there are two types are revaluation.

They first type is Normal revaluation whereas the other one is photocopy paper revaluation.

Normal Revaluation procedure:

The Normal Revaluation Cost about Rupees 400 /- per subject. This amount can be paid to the staff or to the Exam cell in the college. Anna University will announce the last date for payment of revaluation fee. After that students have to wait for the result to publish.

Photocopy Revaluation procedure :

In this process students have to pay Rupees 300 /- first to get the photo copy of the answer sheet. They can ask their staff to valuate the paper and then they can check conform and then they pay for revaluation (Costs Rupees 400 /-).

Total amount is 300 + 400 = Rupees 700 /-.

If the students are not satisfied even after revaluation. They can go for next option to challenge the university by paying 3000.

In case if they correct the university will refund the amount.


Know the Process how to Apply for revaluation.

What is the fee for Anna University Revaluation?

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