10 std social science history Causes for the rise of imperialism
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Causes for the rise of imperialism

Causes for the rise of imperialism

Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution in European countries resulted in a great increase in production. So it created a great demand for raw materials and new markets in Asian  and African continents where  the  industrial revolution had not yet spread.

They could not find market in Europe as they followed ‘Protective Trade Policy’. The purchasing power of the people was also less due to capitalism. It also introduced a great progress in the means of transport  and communication.

The telegraph system linked the whole world and reduced great distances. The development of railways speeded up the movement of goods between colonies and the mother country.

So it was easier to bring raw materials and to take the finished goods to the markets in the interior parts of the colonies in Asia and Africa.

National security

The sense of national security and self -sufficiency among the European political groups instigated colonial imperialism. Often Presidents or Prime Ministers worked towards colonial imperialism owing to the influence of business or some other interest.


The later part of the nineteenth century saw extreme nationalistic ideals in Europe. Germany and Italy were unified. Many nations developed pride over their race, culture and language and started feeling superior to other countries.

They felt that acquisition of colonies would enhance the  prestige of their nations. Imperialism became the fashion of the age.

The Europeans felt that it was ‘White Man’s burden’ to civilize the backward and uncivilized native people of Africa and Asia. This was another cause for Imperialism.

Balance of power

The concept of Balance of Power was one of the driving factors. European Nations were forced to acquire new colonies to achieve a balance with their neighbors and competitors.

Discovery of New routes

The discovery of new routes to African and Asian continents promoted the spirit of imperialism. The discovery of sea routes paved the way for the traders and soldiers to exploit the abundant wealth of the countries.

Growth of Population

The population growth and its impact-unemployment, forced the Europeans to emigrate in search of new lands and careers abroad.

State of Anarchy

There was no international organization to enact and enforce laws for nations to maintain peace and security among countries before the First World War. This state of anarchy supported the colonial race.

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Causes for the rise of imperialism.

Explain the Causes for the rise of imperialism.

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