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Achievements of italy under mussolini

Achievements of Italy under Mussolini

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Mussolini was a great leader. He wanted to make Italy a powerful nation. So, he adopted various  methods. Mussolini established peace and order and he provided a stable government.

Mussolini brought order and discipline in the industrial field. The “Charter of Labour” issued by him provided great relief to workers. Industries were freed from strikes.

Mussolini took several measures to increase production. Marshes were drained. Canals were dug. Reclamation projects  were launched. Hydroelectric schemes were undertaken.

Railways and other means of transportation were improved. A fair degree of self sufficiency was achieved.

As a realistic administrator, Mussolini patched up with the Pope. A conflict that had been going on for nearly 60 years between the Papacy and the Italian government came to an end by the Latern Treaty of 1929, signed  between the  Pope and Mussolini.

By this treaty Mussolini recognized the papacy of the Pope in the Vatican city and in turn the Pope recognised the sovereignty of the king in Rome.

The reconciliation with the Pope was a great victory and it increased the power and prestige of Mussolini.

Aggressive foreign policy that ends In disaster

Mussolini began to follow the vigorous and forward foreign policy.He was determined to raise the prestige of Italy in the eyes of the other powers of the World.

Mussolini’s slogan before the nation was altaly must expand or perish”. In 1936, he annexed Ethiopia.

He left the League of Nations in 1937. He captured Albania in 1939. Mussolini made common cause with Hitler, another war monger.

He joined the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis. The Second World War (1939-45) brought disaster to Italy. In 1941, Italy lost its territories in Africa. Mussolini  failed to cope up with the financial burden of the war.

The Allied forces heavily bombarded Sicily and landed in the island in 1943.

Mussolini was shot dead by his own country men in 1945. After his fall, Italy became a Republic, Fascism died out along with the death of its founder, Mussolini.

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